Fresh, modern & lightweight

melonJS is an open source HTML5 game engine that empowers developers and designers to focus on content.

The framework provides a comprehensive collection of components and support for a number of third-party tools. Giving you a powerful combination that can be used wholesale or piecemeal.



Built with modern technology.

  • ES6

  • WebGL 2

  • WebAudio

  • Free

    Released under the permissive MIT License.

  • No cost.

  • Forever.

  • Elegant

  • Your scene graph is a hierarchy of containers.

  • Updates and drawing operations are dispatched separately.

  • Draws are opt-in; add compute-only renderable for AI, special effects, etc.

  • Powerful Level Design

    melonJS integrates the popular Tiled map format, allowing designers easily create levels using the Tiled map editor, and to focus on the game features itself.


    • A fresh and lightweight 2D sprite-based engine
    • Standalone library (no additional dependencies)
    • Fast WebGL 1 & 2 renderer for desktop and mobile devices with fallback to Canvas rendering
    • Web Audio support with fallback to Multi-channel HTML5 audio
    • High DPI resolution & advanced auto scaling options
    • Sprite with 9-slice scaling option, animation management, and built-in effects (tinting, masking)
    • Tween & Transition effects
    • System and Bitmap fonts
    • A state manager and customizable loader
    • Mouse, Touch, Pointer, and Gamepad device support
    • Device motion, orientation, and accelerometer support
    • Lightweight 2D "arcade" physic implementation
      • Polygon (SAT) based collision algorithm for accurate detection and response
      • Fast Broad-phase collision detection using spatial partitioning
      • Collision filtering for optimized automatic collision detection
    • Tiled map format integration for easy level design:
      • Orthogonal, Isometric, Hexagonal, and Perspective tilemap built-in support
      • Multiple and Dynamic tiles and objects layers support including parallax scrolling
      • Animated Tiles, rotated tiles, transparency, tiled Objects and more...
      • export to JSON and XML formats
    • As light as less than 100kb minified & gzipped
    browser icons example


    melonJS works with any full ES5/ES6 compatible browsers

    Chrome 55+
    Safari 10+
    Firefox 50+
    Opera 42+
    Edge 20+
    Chrome for Mobile 55+
    iOS Safari 9.3+

    Developer Spotlight

    Third Party Tools Integration

    melonJS provides native integration and support for the following 3rd party tools :