Tutorial: Hacking a Platformer Game

Part 2: Setting Up the Template

First, go to https://github.com/melonjs/examples and download the repository, by clicking on “Code” and then “Download ZIP” : Download the example repository

Optionally you can also clone the repository if you are already familiar with Git, but won’t cover that part in this tutorial.

For this tutorial we’re going to be working on the platformer example. Inside the directory where you downloaded the repository, you can see there is the platformer directory.

We’ve finished setting up, so from now on whenever you’d like to start coding your game you can navigate into the platformer folder in your terminal and run this command :

python3 -m http.server

This command is an example on how to run a local testing web server in the current directory the terminal is in. A website will be running inside your computer (at http://localhost:8000) so you can edit your game and try out your changes in your browser right away as you modify it !